Read and discover the best and top-recommended websites where you can find public domains images & free stock photos!

Public Domain includes materials that are publicly available for businesses and individuals and aren’t covered by copyrights or intellectual property. Today, there is a huge demand for photos for all kinds of projects, both private and personal. Luckily for you and for all those who are looking for public domains images free of charge, there are a lot of stock photography websites that can offer you great photos and designs

We compiled a list of the best and top-recommended websites for public domains images & free stock photos! Check them out:

    1. Public Domain Pictures: This website is ideal if you are looking for public domain images. Some of the photos you will see here require a property release when used for a commercial project. It is better if you read the terms and conditions of the website, before you decide to download and use a certain photo. The website contains important information and details for each photo – about the license, the photo camera used to take the photo, and a direct link to the photographer.

  1. Wikimedia Commons: Most photos you see on Wikipedia are part of this website which has an archive of more than 10 million photos, including public domain photos. The photos are divided into different categories, so you can search through the categories available and pick the photo you need.
  2. Image After: This site can offer you high-quality public domains images free of charge. The photos from this website can be used for both personal and commercial projects. You can use the photos for anything you like, except for building a page. This is the only rule Image After has!
  3. Stock.XCHNG: A very popular stock photography website that currently contains more than 400.000 images and many of them are royalty free without restrictions or attribution required.
  4. Flickr: Flickr can offer you a pretty advanced search feature you can use to search photos with CC0 license which you can download, edit, modify, and adapt to your project. When using a photo you have to credit the author or the original creator of the photo, This is Flicker’s only license restriction.

You can find plenty of high-quality, high-resolution, and great photos here! Make sure to check what these amazing stock photography websites have to offer and find the photos you need for your projects!